Floors are independent binder settings that can be used in any of your account’s binders, regardless of any dependent settings applied.

Best Practice: Enter the lowest and highest floors (plus the floors in between) of all the buildings on a campus or location. For example, a campus has 6 Buildings that range from 1 – 6 floors and (2) basement levels. The following Floors would be entered:
BB, B, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. These Floors would then be available as a filterable category for any binder relating to this Campus.

Adding a Floor

While logged into your ML Binders™ Software account as an Admin:

1. Select Manage Floors from the Admin drop-down menu in the black toolbar at the top of any software screen. The Manage Floor screen will be displayed with no entries.

ML Binders Software's Manage Floors screen
ML Binders™ Software’s Manage Floors screen with four entries

2. Select the Add icon (plus-icon) at the upper right of the screen to display the Add/Edit Floors screen.

ML Binders Software Add/Edit Floors screen
ML Binders™ Software Add/Edit Floors screen

3. Enter a Floor designation in the Floor field and select the Save button. The Manage Floors screen will be displayed showing the new entry.

4. Repeat steps 2 – 3 for each Floor desired.

5. Perform the Manage Systems procedure after all Floors have been entered.

Edit a Floor

Select the Edit icon (edit) next to the Floor name to be edited. Perform steps 3 – 4 above.