The Buildings binder setting is a dependent binder setting for individual facilities in a Campus/Location Zone.

The Buildings setting is dependent on the Campus/Location setting but not on the Campus/Location Zones setting.

Remember that the Tabs setup within each binder can be used to further categorize content relating to a building.

Adding a Building

While logged into your ML Binders™ Software account as an Admin:

1. Select Buildings from the left side menu. The Manage Buildings screen will be displayed with no entries.

ML Binders™ Software’s Manage Buildings screen with entries displayed

2. Select the Add icon at the upper right of the screen to display the Manage Building screen.

ML Binders™ Software’s Manage Building screen

3. Enter a name in the Building field.

4. Select the parent Campus/Location from the drop-down menu.

Associating a Building with a Campus/Location from the Manage Building screen

5. Select the same building that can be found in MLW

6. Select the Save button. The Manage Buildings screen will be displayed showing the new entry.

7. Repeat steps 2 – 5 for each new Building desired.

8. Perform the Manage Building Zones procedure after one or more Campus/Location Zones have been entered.

Edit a Building name and/or parent Campus/Location

Select the Edit icon next to the Building settings to be edited. Perform steps 3  – 5 above as needed.