In order to upload files to a binder you must have Binder Manager privileges.

Once Sections and/or Subsections have been added to a binder, files can then be uploaded to either category.

To upload files to an existing Section or Subsection for which you have Binder Manager privileges, from your binder default index screen with the desired binder’s name displayed:

1. Double click on the name of the binder to display the Manage Binder screen.

To upload a file to a Section

2. Select the File Upload icon (icon-upload) to the right of the Section to which the file should be uploaded. A File Upload dialogue window will be displayed.

Manage Binder screen showing existing Sections.
Manage Binder screen showing existing Sections.

Upload File dialogue screen
Upload File dialogue screen

3. Select the Click to Select File button to display a standard file navigation screen.

4. Navigate to the desired file on your local drive, select the file and then the Upload button.

  • The File Upload dialogue window will be displayed with the name of the selected file shown.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for any additional files that should be uploaded to the selected section.

6. Select the Close Window icon in the upper right of the File Uploaddialogue window when all desired files have been uploaded.


To upload a file to a Subsection

1. Double click the Section name to see related Subsections.

2. Perform steps 2 – 6 above but select the File Upload icon (icon-upload) on the same line as the desired Subsection.

When all files have been uploaded to either Sections or Subsections

1. Set Binder Access permissions.