Binders are the fundamental storage unit of ML Binders™ Electronic Facility Records Software.

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To create a binder

1. Select the Binders option on the Left-side navigation menu while logged in as a Binder Manager.

2. Select the Add icon () to the upper right of the screen.

The Manage Binder screen will be displayed where the following information can be entered:

  • Binder name (free text field)

  • Description (free text filed with formatting available)

  • Available Independent and Dependent settings to categorize binder content (Binder Type, System)

3. Mandatory: Enter a Binder Name.

4. Optional: Enter a Tag for reporting

5. Select the appropriate independent and dependent Settings that apply to the binder content.

6. Select the Save button to save the binder data.

  • Your Binder Manager Default screen will be displayed with the new binder title displayed.