Sections and Subsections act as two hierarchical levels of tabs within a binder to granularly organize content for rapid retrieval.

Add Sections

1. Select the Binders option on the Left-side navigation menu while logged in as a Binder Manager.

2. Click on the name of the binder to which you want to add Sections and Subsections.

The Manage Binder screen displaying the name of the newly created binder.

In addition to adding a section name, you can also use the gray icons at the top right of the screen to:

  • Edit the existing binder name and setting ()
  • Re-order the sequence of any binder sections ()
  • Set or edit binder access privileges ()

2. Select the gray Add Section tab. The Manage Binder Section window will be displayed.

The Manage Binder Section screen that also allows entering a numeric Sort Order setting.

3. Enter the Name free-text field.

4. Optional: Change the Sort Order numeric setting if necessary. ‘1’ will be displayed for the topmost Section position in the index. New sections will automatically increment by ‘1’. If needed, use the Sort Order setting to change the Sections sequence after more Sections are added.

5. Select the Save button. The Manage Binder screen will be displayed with the new Section displayed.

To the right of the Section name are icons that provide additional functionality:

  •  = Add Subsection under this Section
  •  = Delete Section
  • icon-edit = Edit Section settings (name and sort order)
  •  = Move Section
  •  = Reorder the sequence of files posted in this Section
  • icon-upload = Upload files to the Section

Add Subsections

1. Select the Add icon (icon-add) to the right of the Section name to which you want to add the Subsection.

The Manage Subsection screen will be displayed.

Add Subsection screen

2. Enter the Subsection name.

3. Optional: Enter a Subsection Sort Order if desired.

4. Select the Save button.

The Manage Binder screen with all Sections shown in collapsed mode.

5. Click the Section name to see related Subsections.

6. Upload files to either Sections or Subsections.