Congratulations on your organization’s subscription to ML Binders™ Electronic Facility Records Software. We’re sure you and your team will reap real-world benefits from the software quickly and easily once it’s implemented.

As your organization’s Admin , you are the primary manager of ML Binders™ Software for both internal (staff) and external (contractors) users. Admins can usually configure the software in less than an hour after which users assigned Binder Manager roles can begin creating, populating and disseminating binder content to Users.

There are two basic steps for Admins to setup their account:

  1. Define the facility-related settings around which binder content will be organized. These settings include include Organization Types , Users Types, Buildings, Zones, Floors, Spaces and Systems.
  2. Create user accounts including assigning roles and user types.

Both steps use the same basic procedure:

  1. Access the setting you want to create via the Admin drop-down menu in the black toolbar visible from any ML Binders™ screen.
  2. Select the Add icon () to display an Add Item screen.
  3. Enter the setting name and any other pertinent data; the select the Save button.

Best Practices: It is highly recommended that Admins setup all the facility-related settings at the same time. While settings can be changed after implementation, the creation and use of new users and binders will be easier if both facility- and user-related settings are entered before deployment.

To get started, log into ML Binders™ Software using your Admin credentials.