Best Practice: It’s helpful to have a complete list of all Organization Types developed and approved prior to entering them in the system.

About the Organization Type field

The Organization Types field is used to define categories for the types of organization that will be interacting with your account’s binders.

Specific Organization Types vary greatly by both binder application and the subscribing organization’s goals. Here are some examples of possible Organization Types based on binder purpose and  subscriber goals:

  • K12 School District: District, BOCES, Contractors and Vendors
  • Commercial Real Estate Management: Owner, Tenants, Contractors and Vendors
  • Manufacturers and Distributors: Manufacturer, Prospects, Customers, Service and Contractors

Adding and Editing the Organization Type field

While logged into your ML Binders™ Software account as an Admin:

1. Select Manage Organization Types from Settings > Organizations > Organization Types from the left side menu. The Manage Organization Types screen will be displayed with no entries.

ML Binders™ Software’s Manage Organization Types with (3) items entered.

2. Select the Add icon (plus-icon) at the upper right of the screen to display the Add/Edit Organization Types screen.

ML Binders™ Software’s Add/Edit Organization Type screen

3. Enter an Organization Type (e.g., District, Contractor) in the Typefield and select the Save button. 

The Manage Organization Typesscreen will be displayed showing the new entry.

4. Repeat steps 2 – 3 for each Organization Type desired.

5. Perform the Manage User Types procedure after all Organization Types have been entered.