Setup Tip: Unlike defining Organization and User Types, you can choose to add one Organization and its associated team members at a time versus entering every Organization and users all at once. Note, however, that binders cannot be managed nor shared by anyone not entered as team member under an Organization.

While logged into your ML Binders™ Software account as an Admin:

1. Select Settings > Organizations >  Organizations from the left side menu. The Manage Organizations screen will be displayed with your account name and state.

ML Binders™ Software Manage Organization screen with only subscribing organization displayed.

Before adding any other Organizations, assign your Organization an Organization Type.

Note: Selecting the X icon will delete the Organization

2. Select the Edit iconeditto the far right of your Organization Name to display the Organization Details screen.

ML Binders™ Software’s Organization Details screen

3. Select a Type from the drop-down menu and select the Save button. The Manage Organization screen will be displayed showing the Organization Type selected.

New Organizations and their related users can now be added to the software.

4. Select the Add icon (plus-icon) at the upper right of the Manage Organizations screen to display a blank Organization Details screen.

5. Enter all the Organization information including an Organization Type from the drop-down menu.

6. Review the information and select the Save button if no changes are needed.

The Manage Organizations screen will be displayed showing the new entry.

7. Repeat steps 2 – 6 for each new Organization to be added.

8. Perform the Manage Users procedure.

Note: Selecting the Manage Team icon (manage-team) on the Organization Name line to which you want to add team members will display the Manage Users screen as described in the Manage Users procedure.