Floors are independent binder settings that can be used in any of your account’s binders, regardless of any dependent settings applied.

Best Practice: Enter the lowest and highest floors (plus the floors in between) of all the buildings on a campus or location. 

For example, a campus has 6 Buildings that range from 1 – 6 floors and (2) basement levels. The following Floors would be entered: BB, B, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. These Floors would then be available as a filterable category for any binder relating to this Campus.

Adding a Floor

While logged into your ML Binders™ Software account as an Admin:

1. Select Settings > Buildings > Floors from the left side menu. The Manage Floor screen will be displayed with no entries.

ML Binders™ Software’s Manage Floors screen with four entries

2. Select the Add iconat the upper right of the screen to display the Add/Edit Floors screen.

ML Binders™ Software Add/Edit Floors scree

3. Enter a Floor designation in the Floor field and select the Save button. The Manage Floors screen will be displayed showing the new entry.

4. Repeat steps 2 – 3 for each Floor desired.

5. Perform the Manage Systems procedure after all Floors have been entered.

Edit a Floor

Select the Edit iconnext to the Floor name to be edited. Perform steps 3 – 4 above.