Systems—which refer to specific physical building systems such as HVAC and technology—are independent binder settings that can be used in any of your account’s binders, regardless of any dependent settings applied.

While the Systems setting is optional for binders with content relating to these physical systems, it is a primary category against which binder content can be indexed and retrieved.

Some common Systems types include:

  • Architectural
  • Electrical, Low Voltage
  • Electrical, Power & Distribution
  • Furnishings
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing

While each of the above System types could also be broken down into more granular categories (e.g., Video Surveillance Systems as one component of the Electrical, Low Voltage field), the Tabs setup within each binder can also be used to further categorize content.

Adding a System

While logged into your ML Binders™ Software account as an Admin:

1. Select Settings > Binders > Systems from the left side menu. The Manage Systems screen will be displayed with no entries.

ML Binders™ Software’s Manage Systems screen with seven entries

2. Select the Add iconat the upper right of the screen to display the Add/EditSystems screen.

ML Binders™ Software Add/Edit Systems screen

3. Enter a name in the System field and select the Save button. The Manage Systems screen will be displayed showing the new entry.

4. Repeat steps 2 – 3 for each System desired.

5. Perform the Manage Binder Types procedure after all Floors have been entered.

Edit a System name

Select the Edit iconnext to the System name to be edited. Perform steps 3 – 4 above.