The Binder default screen displayed by selecting Binders on the left-side navigation menu shows an index of binders on this account that you have permission to view.

1. Optional filtering sections: Selecting one of the blank fields will generate additional filtering options.

  • Binder Type(s)
  • System(s)
  • Campus(es)
  • Building(s)

Note: Multiple selections can be made within each filter for an enhanced search

2. Click on the Binder name to be accessed.

3. Click on the Section name.

  • A list of files will be displayed if any are posted to this Section.

If the binder has Subsections

4. Click on the Subsection name.

A list of files will be displayed if any are posted to this Subsection.

To view a file

Click on the filename to display its contents. Note that some files may not be viewable via your internet browser and/or hardware device.

FILE Actions

Selecting the three black dots next to an existing file will display the following options:

Edit Tags: Edit the tags associated with the file.

Move File: Move a file from one section to another.

Show Access Log: Show a log of who has viewed the file.

View Edit History: View the history of the file and edits made. 

Delete File: Delete the file from this section. 

To upload a file to a Section or Subsection

If you have permission, upload files to a Section or Subsection.