Image Navigation is a tool that lets you quickly navigate from a campus level to specific buildings and floors for the purpose of finding relevant binders, sections, and files. 

To use Image Navigation from any ML Binders™ Software screen while logged in with any user credentials:

1. Select the Image Nav option on the left-side navigation menu

The Image Nav screen will be displayed.

2. Select the relevant campus from the Select Campus drop-down menu (below).

    Note: If a specific campus is not listed in the drop-down menu, it either doesn’t exist in ML Binders Software, or the user does not have access permissions. Contact your Binder Admin to add the campus or change user permissions.

3. Select any highlighted area in the image to navigate to the linked data in a new tab.

    Note: Hovering your cursor over a linked area displays a tooltip description of where the link leads. In this example, select the linked area displays a Binder.

4. When you click on the area, a new tab will open.