1. Zip Import
    • The zip import function allows you to upload a zip file into a binder while maintaining your folder structure from the zip file. A helpful feature when it comes to transferring documentation from a local machine to our Binders program. To learn more, please click here.
  2. Download Binder
    • In the event you need to download files from ML Binders, you can download an entire binder or any subset of sections or files within the binder. To learn more, please click here.
  3. Edit History on Binder/Section/File Level
    • As an admin user in our secure binder environment, you can see who has been editing binders, sections and files within a binder. This can range from changing the Binder/Sections/file names or moving sections/files to another location. To learn more, please click here.
  4. Re-Order Sections
    • With this feature, you now have the ability to re-order sections, as well as sub-sections to your preference. To learn more, please click here.
  5. Access Log for files
    • You can now view which users have been accessing (downloading) files in your binders. To learn more, please click here.
  6. Permissions
    • Binders permissions are set on a per binder basis. As an account admin you can control who has access to each individual binder in your account. Within specific binders you can add users to the binders team and assign permissions ranging from View, Add files and Admin. To learn more, please click here.
  7. Notifications
    • We have added default notification settings for each user when added to a new binder. The notifications will send out an email alert if any of the settings were trigged in a binder. These notifications are editable and can range from when files are being added/deleted, sections being added/deleted and even when a new user is added to the binders team. To learn more, please click here.
  8. Mass Assign
    • This feature allows the admin user to "mass assign" multiple users permissions across multiple binders. Assigning permissions in mass is a just a few clicks away. To learn more, please click here.