New Add Button

There is a new Add button for ML Binder users. This will allow users to add Binders, Sections, and Files quickly. Please click HERE to learn more. 

Binder Level Actions 

The button allows users to choose a variety of actions at the Binder level. This consolidates and replaces a row of icons that existed prior. 

Binder UI Updates 

Below is a list of user interface updates made to ML Binders.

  • Ability to adjust the color of binder sections/sub-sections. Please click HERE to learn more. 
  • Action Button (Above)
  • New Add Button (Above)
  • Section action buttons (See Below)

  • Sub Section action button (See Below)

  • File Action Button (See Below)

Home Page Updates 

The homepage update allows users to search binder items and view all recent activities associated with binders they have permission to see. Please click HERE to learn more.