Users with the binder level permissions Add File or Admin will be able to take folders and files on their computer and move them into Section or Sub Sections.

Note: Only the following file types can be utilized for this feature: XLS, XLSX, PDF, DOC, DOCX, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, RVT, DWG.


In addition to this, there is an individual file size limit of 250 MB. 

If an invalid file type is used, the following message will appear:

When viewing a Binder, if you select the following icon, there will be a breakdown of this feature. 

Using the Drag and Drop Feature

1. Select Binders from the Left-side Navigation Menu. 

2. Select a Binder.

3. Open up your File Explorer on your computer.

4. Click and Drag a File/Folder to a Section or Subsection. 

Note: You will see the border of the section change if it is available to drop there. 

The Upload will be processed. 

A confirmation message will appear once it has been completed. 

The File will be displayed after clicking into the section.